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When you buy clothes for yourself, is it always the same type of dress that you buy? No right. You buy different outfits to give you different looks. So why is it that when you buy coverings for your windows, it has to be only curtains? Until a few months back, I thought that curtains are the only coverings available for our windows. My old curtains had lost their charm in just 6 washes. So I was planning on buying some new curtains for my living room. But this time it was a little different. I wanted to do proper research on the things that I would be paying for (Because to be honest I cannot afford to buy curtains so often). When I went online, I got to know about some other window coverings that were better than curtains. I read about different window covering and then I realized that curtains were really out of fashion and they did not even give me the magical control over the amount of sunlight that entered my room. Do you know what did? BLINDS! Yes, this amazingly beautiful thing not only gave my living room a makeover, but they also gave me control over the privacy of my living room. But what exactly are window blinds?

Window blinds are a type of window coverings that are made of soft fabric and wood. The window blinds have a lot of types, come in different designs and sizes, and go perfect with almost all the interiors. I just simply can’t get over it that window blinds save your furniture from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Wow!! Isn’t that amazing? These window blinds are very flexible and easy to operate. You can close the blinds up to different levels. So yes, you can completely control what the people outside see and also how much sunlight should enter your room. You don’t even have to put in a lot of effort to clean your blinds. Just a simple wipe with a damp cloth is all you need to clean those blinds.

There is absolutely a lot of variety of blinds to choose from. I went for blackout roller blinds. (Click here to see why roller blinds are the best for you) I live in a place where it is too hot for one half of the year and too cold for the second half. Blackout roller blinds help in maintaining a constant temperature inside. In the hot summers, they keep the hot glare and heat of sunlight out of your room and in the winters they prevent the warmth of your room from going outside and blocks the cold air from coming inside. They also obstruct the outside noise from making a way into your room. They are not completely soundproof, but yes, they minimize the noise that comes in your room. So now you can easily have a peaceful and sound sleep without getting disturbed by the kids playing outside or the construction process going on in your neighborhood. Blackout roller blinds can be custom made according to your requirements so that they completely fit your windows. They have a simple design that brings out the beauty of your room. So the next time you want to buy coverings for your window, don’t just go out and buy curtains.

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