Being one of the profound interior décor companies of Abu Dhabi, we assure you that at cottage interior you will find top quality products to give your home a makeover. We understand that you are very exasperated while trying to find the perfect curtains that go with your new sofa set. You must be really tired of going from one store to the other. But you don’t have to be so harsh on yourself anymore. We have a one-stop solution to all your interior décor problems. Have a list of the various products that Cottage interior has to offer.


  1. Shutters: Shutters are beautiful window coverings that are strong and stylish. These are mostly made of wood and hence bring the freshness of nature to your room. They prevent the entry of the sun’s UV rays inside your house by filtering it out. Not only this but because of an essential oil present in teak wood, teakwood shutters can naturally repel termites and insects, thus preventing your furniture from decay. The shutters have a very long life that eventually saves you big bucks in the long run.

  2. Window Fashions: For the way you want to decorate your windows, we have both blinds and curtains. Our team of experts is always happy to design and make the perfect curtains for you. These curtains will give you a perfectly warm and cozy environment. They are extremely stylish and durable and will definitely give you a royal and sophisticated look. Then we have our blinds that are also very stylish. These blinds are made of natural wood and hence it maintains a fresh feel in your house. The blinds are also very useful when it comes to protecting your furniture. For one, they are naturally repellent to insects and termites. For another, they are capable of filtering out the sun’s UV rays. So in all, blinds are the bestselling window fashion.

  3. Wallpapers:For all the people out there, who don’t like the smell of paint, we have got a wonderful collection of elegant wallpapers. These wallpapers are easy to apply and won’t even create a mess while redecorating. Plus they have a longer lifespan than paint. They give your place a polished and classy look. At cottage interiors, you can find all kinds of wallpapers. For the designer inside you, we have a graceful collection of contemporary wallpapers that have a touch of modern art. Then we have the versatile Damask wallpapers that are known for their sophisticated and elegant. Oh, and while you are at it, don’t forget to check out our colorful collection of the floral wallpaper collection of wallpapers. And in the end, our collection of kids’ wallpapers is sure to win the hearts of your kids. You can brighten up your child’s room by using these wallpapers rather than using boring plain paints.

  4. Custom Closet: We all sometimes wish that we had a closet that could adjust all our stuff. Well, we do have a solution to your problem. Cottage interior has a team of people who will customize your closet for you. We have experience of 11 years in making custom closets for our clients. You can set up the space as per your requirement and give your furniture set a unique touch.

  5. Flooring: When you talk about home décor, how can you forget the flooring? One of the essential parts of home décor is how smooth clean and beautiful your floor feels. The flooring is not only appealing to the eye but is also easier to maintain. There is a protective layer of covering that protects the floor from any kind of damage. For our collection in flooring, we have hardwood flooring, which is quite strong and durable and provides a high-quality look. We also provide engineered wood flooring, which is made up of multiple layers of plywood and hence it has a more stable nature. If you have a strict budget, then we have the laminated flooring for you. This flooring is a little harder to install and maintain, as compared to the other flooring, but it gives the perfect impression of hardwood.

  6. Furniture: Cottage interior is your one-stop solution for your furniture problem. Let’s talk about sofas for instance. We have a collection of modern sofa set to traditional sofa set to transitional sofa set. You can choose the sofa as per your requirements. Just like sofas, your chairs need to be both good looking and comfortable. There are different types of chairs for different requirements like your dining room, your office, your study room, your living room, etc. We make sure to design such chairs that all your requirements are met. Not only sofas and chairs, but we also make ottoman benches, solid wood furniture, and headboards. We can make almost all types of solid wood furniture that are completely customized. So don’t forget to check our collection of furniture for you.