Why choose cottage interior?
At cottage interior, our main priority is to understand the requirements of our clients and then join forces with them in order to bring out such designs that represent their artistic side to the world. We work together with our clients and make sure that the final outcome in perfectly satisfactory, providing them with exactly what they are looking for. We work together with our clients and make sure that the final outcome is perfectly satisfactory, providing them exactly with what they are looking for. We have the best team of architect, contractors and custom furniture makers, who put together their minds in order to bring out the life in your interior.

Is there any particular area of interior design that you focus on?
We specialize in providing designs, layout and in decorating high end residential spaces, be it homes, lofts, penthouses, apartments or any other type of residential accommodation.

Where exactly is cottage interior located?
Cottage interior is located in Abu Dhabi. Although most of our projects are held in Dubai, still we are available for projects all over, for our clients, based on the scope of work, budget and timeline.

How far will you travel?
The comfort of our clients is very important to us and this is the reason that we travel all distances for our clients.

Why do I need an interior designer if I already have an architect?
Architects and interior designers are not same. An architect’s main work is to work on the structure and design of a building. Interior designers focus even on the tiniest details of interiors. An architect designs and forms the structure of your building and the interior designer gives your place an artistic look. A complete team consists of both, an architect and an interior designer.

What services do you provide?
Cottage interior gladly helps its clients in getting their dream interior. We specialize in designing, manufacturing and installing various kinds of curtains, floorings and blinds as per our client’s needs.

What is the experience of working with an interior designer like?
Working with an interior designer is usually a very satisfying experience. When the client is ready to openly collaborate with us and discuss his/her preference, budget, project scope, requirements, etc., then we make the perfect picture for them. We will select fabric, furniture and paints according to your needs and get you different budgets to choose from. As interior decorates, we make sure that we cover every single aspect that requires attention.

What preparations should I do before coming for the initial meeting?
A8. It is always a good thing to have a rough picture of your requirements. When you have a look at interior décor magazines like Elle Décor or Architectural digest, you get an idea of what you might want. This helps the interior decorator to provide you with better services. You can always make a list of things that you would love, and the stuff that you surely want to stay away from. The preparation that you do beforehand will be beneficial while finally meeting the decorator.