Why choose Cottage Interior?
Our priority is listening to clients and work with them to develop a design concept that is functional and represents their design aesthetic. We collaborate closely with clients to make sure the design is exactly what they are looking for. We work with architects, contractors and custom furniture makers who are the best of the best. We will find the best combination of rates, service, expedience and quality when selecting contractors, electricians, millworkers and any other vendor required for a project.

Is there a particular area of interior design you specialize in?
We focus mainly on high end residential interior design, whether it’s homes, lofts, duplexes, penthouses or virtually any other type of residential dwelling.

Is there a particular area of interior design you specialize in?
We are located in Abu Dhabi and most of the projects are in the Dubai area. We are available for projects anywhere depending on the scope of work, budget, and timeline.

How far will you travel?
We will travel all distances to get to our clients. We understand how busy our clients are and want to accommodate them, near and far.

Why do I need an Interior Designer if I already have an Architect?
Architects and Interior Designers work differently. Most Architects work primarily with structure and building design. Interior Designers work with details of interiors including kitchen and bath design, custom cabinetry and built-ins, color schemes, flooring specifications, and wall and window treatments. Designers can create a master plan for the interior of your entire home or office, which can be implemented in stages, depending on the budget. The ideal design team consists of both an Architect and an Interior Designer in order to cover all aspects of your internal and external spaces.

What services do you provide?
Cottage Interior services includes manufacturing & installation of various kinds of curtains, blinds & floorings.

How does it work – working with an interior designer?
Every project is different, but a client should always be able to openly collaborate with a designer to discuss preferences, budget and project scope. We will select furniture, paints, and fabrics, do drawings and get pricing in order to present them to you to choose from. Interior designers can also orchestrate the scope of a project with various sub-contractors if needed to ensure that every element is covered.

What should I bring to the initial meeting?
It’s helpful for clients to begin by looking at magazines like Elle Decor or Architectural Digest to get some design ideas and inspiration. Start by assembling items you love as well as things you would like to stay away from. Any additional ideas or questions you have collected, including an estimation of your budget, will make the initial consultation with your designer more efficient.