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Ever heard that it takes seven elements to make something beautiful, or that seven in itself is a beautiful number? Seven Wonders of the World, Seven colors of the rainbow, seven seas, seven continents, seven days of the week, SEVEN ELEMENTS OF INTERIOR DECOR, they all show the beauty of number seven. There are a total of seven elements that you need to keep in kind while planning for the interior decoration of your room. These seven elements of interior decor are as follows:

  • Space: To decorate your room, the most basic thing to do is to utilize the space to its best. Space is the boundaries that confine your room, which includes the length, breadth, and height of your room. You cannot increase or decrease the space of your room, but you can surely do your best in using the space. You have to make sure that you neither overcrowd your room nor keep it extremely empty. You need to keep a balance of everything while decorating your room.
  • Light: It is no secret that good or bad lighting has a lot of effect on how things look. For example, when you click a picture or shoot a video, you make sure that the lighting is perfect. Without proper lighting, be it natural or man-made, all the other elements of interior decor will be of no use. Light also has an impact on your mood, your appetite, your concentration level, etc. There have been researches that show that the proper amount of light boosts activeness in people, while poor lighting leads to depression and other issues.  So it is very important that you have enough light that enters your room.
  • Color: Just like light, color can also change a person’s feelings, mood, emotions, memory, etc. The perfect combination of color and light can have wonderful effects. In case you are redecorating for your food outlets, you will be amazed to know that a certain combination of color and light can literally make people hungry and can make them eat more. Even if you are looking for decor ideas for your home, you must know that some combinations have a very soothing and calm effect. Some combinations even increase your memory, helping your kids in learning better. The color that you choose also decides the beauty of your room. So be careful while choosing the color for your interiors.
  • Line: We all know the definition of line. We are not going to focus on what is a line. But, we need to know that the line is again a very important element of interior decor as it defines the form and shape of an object. There are three kinds of lines; vertical, horizontal and dynamic. Different combinations of lines give different results and have different effects on the interiors. Vertical lines are usually seen in tall furniture like cupboards, pillars, doorways, etc., giving an impression of spacious room and high ceilings. Horizontal lines can be seen in low furniture such as sofa set or bed, on low long ceilings, horizontally striped wallpapers, etc., giving an impression of calm, peaceful rooms that appear to be wider and shorter. Dynamic lines or curved lines can be seen in stairways, etc. that create a feeling of excitement, by representing action, movement, and enthusiasm.
  • Texture: Texture is the appearance or a feel that an object has when seen or touched. The texture is the quality of the surface of an object and can be referred to as the quality of touch of that object. This element of interior decor is used to bring out the beauty of a room by enhancing its features that are visual or actual. When choosing the texture for your room, you need to keep in mind that too many different textures can make the room look confusing and disjointed. Hence it is very important to keep the texture as monotonous as possible.
  • Form: Form is the combination of two or more shapes that can be highlighted using other elements of interior decor such as color, texture, pattern, etc. Like most of the things, forms can either be natural or man-made, and both these types can either be in open forms (that are open and can be looked into) or in closed forms (that have been closed using a surface).
  • Pattern: Anything that has a proper pattern in it looks appealing to the eyes and feels peaceful. Patters are self-sufficient. When mixed with the perfect combination of light and color, they bring out the best in your room. Patterns come in all shapes as sizes, but a single pattern is usually repetitive and has a similar shape. When choosing patterns, make sure that you choose those patterns that are peaceful and calmer than those that disturb your concentration level.

Now you know how to redecorate your room in a better way. So the next time you plan on doing it, make sure to check all the elements of interior decor and to use them to their best potential.


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