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Wondering how some of those Pinterest users manage home décor? And you can swear that your neighbor must have hired Cottage Interior from Dubai to redo their home?  From now on, they will be asking which interior designer in Dubai did your home décor.

So let’s get down to decorating with these 5 simple steps

1. Decide on a color scheme or theme

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To begin with, decide what colors will dominate your home décor. For this select a “single color multi-shade” or a “two colors“ scheme with at least one of your favorite colors

The color theme includes the colors of your wall, curtains, floor, and ceiling.

Generally, if it’s too confusing, keep the darker shades near the floor and the lighter colors at the top.

Also, the walls can be a transition or neutral shade with one wall accented (different and quirky colored).

2. Create a focal point


Next, decide a focal point or the centerpiece of a room is where people will gather and sit for a conversation.

Usually, it’s always near the center of the room. As it has to be the focus or the eye-catcher of your room décor.

For instance, it can be a huge rug, a coffee take, a big sofa, a dining table, or a king-sized bed.

Together with your centerpiece and colors theme, it’s just a matter of building the rest of your home décor around it.

3. Add some colors

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By now your room has started to develop a personality.

So it’s time to accessorize with quality home décor.

For this, find colors that are a pleasant contrast with your theme and put them in the form of curtains, lampshades, sofa cushions, family pictures, and paintings.

Because they add color and character to your room. And can be easily be changed according to your mood and seasons.

4. A pinch of life

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Plants and flowers are like a foolproof way of decorating your home because it can never go wrong.

As a rule, small plants on the table, a creeper on the accent wall, or a palm in the reading corner as décor will instantly turn the room into a “soothing home”.

Furthermore, if flowers and tropical plants are a hassle, you can get low maintenance succulents.

5. And let there be light

decorating ideas Dubai

This is another no brainer in home décor. But if chandeliers and lampshades confuse you, get neutral lamps, mirrors, accent light for your décor, and some ceiling lights for your home.

But whatever you do, do not skimp on good lighting because all your home décor is wasted in bad lighting.

And do not forget the corners of your rooms. If you think a corner looks left out and dark then use a lamp to brighten up the corner.

If you follow these simple home décor steps, not only will you save on interior design cost but will get a very personalized living space.

By now, your home must look like an interior design project on Pinterest.

Did we miss out on one of your go-to home décor ideas? Leave it in the comments section.

All the best with your home décor!

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  1. Greetings! Very useful advice within this post! It is the little changes that make the most important changes. Thanks for sharing! Marianne Dar Blight

  2. Thank you for this article! This is really very informative for us. I agree with you totally. It gives some true and insightful information on best 5 simple ideas to amazin home decor. Great blog to share!!

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