open livingroom with fireplace and wood floors Beautiful hardwood flooring is key to creating the ambiance of a sleek, fresh and polished look of a designer home. Whether your hardwood has been damaged, stained, or you just want to replace an old carpet with new hardwood floors, Cottage Interior is the perfect choice. Our dedicated and highly experienced professionals have been installing hardwood floors for over 11 years!

Cottage Interior is pleased to provide our customers with a wide selection of hardwood to choose from. Our goal is to go above and beyond customer satisfaction, which is why we will work hard to install your hardwood floors as efficiently as possible. No matter your personal style, our variety of hardwood floors will give you the look you wish to achieve in your home.

To determine the style and color of your hardwood, consider the purpose and décor of the room. Lighter or darker hardwood will set the mood you want for the room, and compliment the furniture. For a casual atmosphere, lighter hardwood is the best option, whereas, if you want a formal and sophisticated design, a darker hardwood will best suit the room. Our experts will help you pick a high or low gloss for the finish, accomplishing the desired effect you want for the room.

Don’t settle for old, damaged or boring wood floors. With Cottage Interior’ incredible selection of hardwood, you can find the perfect match that will give your home the appeal you have always wanted. Contact our experts today to find out more and come by our store to see our fantastic flooring options!