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Our contemporary styles curtains are the best friends of glass door windows and large adjoining windows. They absorb the sound to create a quite room and hence they can give you the best “me-time”. We have different styles of contemporary curtains for you to choose from. Make sure that you have seen all the options before finalizing the one that calls out to you. Some of our options include:
Sash: These are the ones meant to filter out light. They are meant to filter out light. They are the most common curtains that are made in modern style.
Sheer: These curtains are called privacy drapes for a reason. They prevent the view of your inside world from the outside glances, without blocking you from seeing the outside world from within your home. Although these drapes do not block light from coming inside your home, but they surely block view of outside people.
Rod Pocket: Rod Pocket curtains are the drapes that are made with a wrapper on the top. This cover slips over the rod covering it. The casing on the top prevents from the rod to be seen even when the drapes are open. A little rod can be seen from both the sides.
Tab top: : These are one of the oldest curtain styles out there. As the saying goes “Old is gold”. This is the reason that even today; tab top curtains are one of the most popular curtains. These curtains have tabs or “exposed loops” of the fabric that are hung with the help of a rod. These are more casual styled curtains, requiring less fabric as compared to the other curtains.
Ring top: Ring top curtains are curtains that are hung over beautiful and decorative rings, giving it a highly sophisticated look. These rings are attached at an equal distance to the rod which makes it easier to pull it towards or away from the windows.
Grommet top: These curtains have a beautiful structural look in a symmetrical order. These curtains are best suited for modern interior.
Thermal or blackout: As the name suggests, these are the curtains that are perfect for controlling the amount of light in your home. They have a thicker lining and have better insulation properties, which can block the light and protect you in different weathers. They are your best friend for saving your electricity bills ad they also provide a lot more privacy as compared to other curtains.


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